Aristotle’s lantern,  Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Figure 1


Just wanted to share something really cool I snapped a picture of in lab (Figure 1) on September 6th. Once I cut my sea urchin open, I got a really good look at some interesting structures!

I love how you can clearly see Aristotle’s Lantern under the dissection microscope, highlighted by the blue arrow. You can also get a really nice view of the it’s digestive tube, if you look at where the red arrow is pointing. My favorite part is definitely the “teeth” structures highlighted by the yellow arrow.

I remember talking about “urchin barrens” where unchecked sea urchins grazed kelp forests to nothing. It’s really interesting how these teeth structures, to my eye, don’t appear how I would normally expect an herbivore’s teeth to look–I would typically look for broad and largely flat like a cow’s teeth. Really cool stuff!

Does anyone see anything I missed?