Posting Guidlines

This site will be extremely informal, allowing everyone to post anything discovered in lab or on field trips. Drawings, pictures, discussion topic and more are all welcome. Just remember to keep some basic posting guidelines in mind:

  • Always label your pictures/drawings as unambiguously as possible. Adding arrows can make it easier for everyone to see what is being observed.
  • If there is more than on figure in your post, number/labelĀ each one such that it can be easily referred to in comments.
  • Write something about everything you post. Details are great, but even just “This is a _____ I saw in lab on [date].” can be useful. A picture alone may not be enough.
  • Include the date.
  • Use terminology from class if possible.
  • Ask questions if you can.

Remember, this is informal. It’s okay to be wrong–we can learn from each other. Post with confidence and frequency. Science is a collaborative effort; by sharing more we discoverĀ more.