Spinning embryos

From our lab at the RTC. Note the spinning embryos in the egg sack of Haminoea sp. (sorry about the shaky video)

Found the following on asnailoddysey.com about why the embryos spin: The gelatinous mass around the eggs of opisthobranchs acts to protect the eggs, but at the same time it does represent an “unstirred” barrier between the egg capsules and the external environment. Respiratory gases and other diffusible substances (e.g., ammonium) must diffuse sometimes several millimeters across the gelatinous material. Like all other opisthobranchs, late in development the embryos of Haminoea sp. begin to spin rapidly (50-100rpm) within their capsules. The authors calculate that spinning enhances gas diffusion by about 8% over what there would be if they were non-spinning. Hunter & Vogel 1986 J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 96: 303. Source: http://www.asnailsodyssey.com/LEARNABOUT/NUDIBRANCH/nudiHatc.php



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