Doriopsilla fulva

Given the scientific name (hopefully I’ve ID’d it properly) I can’t resist in naming this beautiful little nudibranch Dori. 🙂  Initially when I saw this nudibranch in class I thought this was a lemon drop nudibranch, but when trying to ID it I came across a pretty cool website ( where I learned that Doriopsilla pharpa (lemon drops) have black spots on their bodies (which this one clearly doesn’t). What also helped me ID it from this website is their map feature, which shows recent sightings.  Doriopsilla fulva has been sighted in numerous locations along our coast whereas Doriopsilla pharpa has been sighted on the East Coast.

Note the tentacle-like structures on the anterior end. They are called rhinophores, which are chemosensory organs used to find food. The structure on the posterior end is called the branchial plume, which is the respiratory organ or gills.


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