Anthopleura elegantissima

The loser of my anemone wars.  Note the damaged white tentacles. This was the smaller of the two anemones.  The other anemone only had a small amount of damage from the battle.

p.s. WordPress wouldn’t let me italicize or underline the genus and species. 😦


One thought on “Anthopleura elegantissima

  1. Update: When Dr. Meg Daly came to class and told us about how sea anemones will inject ectoderm and nematocysts into a competing sea anemone and how it will cause tissue necrosis, I realized that I had drawn the wrong conclusion about my anemone wars and that it was most likely the other anemone that lost. The week after drawing my conclusion, I checked on my anemones. They were both dead, but anemone A (not pictured) was nearly disintegrated. Originally I had deemed anemone C (above) as the loser because it had more white tentacles (which I thought were damaged tentacles and didn’t realize they were specialized acrorhagi tentacles that store nematocysts). Given anemone A’s tissue necrosis, however, it appears that it was A that lost.


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