Rockaway Beach (Southside) Pacifica,Ca. Hello everyone, here are some of the pictures I took from our trip to the intertidal Thursday. We saw an abundance of Pisasters as well as a couple of bat stars and of course plenty of snails, mussels and barnacles. Enjoy.


Triopha maculata or Spotted Dorid

Here’s a shot of the nudibranch that was found at Pillar Point beach today.  Soooo beautiful!  Note the multiple rhinophores on the anterior end and the branchial plume on posterior.  Thanks to iNaturalist I was able to quickly ID it. Thanks to whoever found it.  It made my day! 🙂

Creature from the Moss.

Hey guys I am looking through my book preparing the review assignment and I came across an interesting looking Tardigrade that resembles the weird looking creature that Jacqi and Judy found. Let me know what you guys thing, is it the same? It’s name is Florarctus heimi